Matrix Barcodes

We develop and implement advanced systems for inventory management, sales promotion, or tracking, using technology for matrix code reading. By implementing matrix codes and its read by mobile devices, you can speed your productive and operational processes, including information transfer, generation of instructions or data transmission in a fast and agile way.
In Nothmann we go further and we offer other variants that allow you to use mobile devices as true control stations for information management, with just a simple reading of a matrix code.


There are different types of codes. The most common are EAN-13 codes, which are not matrix, but are widely used by the retail industry to encode each product and allow a quick check when purchasing them.
The most common two-dimensional codes, two-dimensional or 2D codes are the QR Codes, designed for quick reading by a low resolution camera and that allow variable content and size, unlike other types. Check the options to include transactional information in the codes.
There are other types of two-dimensional codes, but their use is restricted, they are less able to include information or are less widespread. Anyway, most modern code readers allow you to work with any type of code.