Emergency PM

We offer a special short-term service to cover the following situations:

  • Under-staffing.
  • Peak in work and excess in demand.
  • An urgent project that needs attention until a regular PM takes control.
  • Assistance with the recruitment of permanent or temporary PM’s.
  • Project audit, performance review and detection of gaps, offering a report with preventive and corrective actions.
  • Check adherence to PMI Best Practices.
  • Problematic projects that require to be steered back on track.

All these services are offered on an hourly or daily basis, so your finances are under control and you don’t require to have medium to long term commitments with our project managers.

We can work a few hours per day or make a spring for a week or for an entire month, working on-site or remotely, either in the UK or Worldwide. This is an entirely flexible service.