Who we are

Nothmann Research is a mobile solutions company, making the cutting edge technology available to companies willing to do more and expend less. We have two main business lines: one oriented to Mobile Solutions, and the other oriented to ERP development. Our services are mostly offered in Cloud Computing with Software as a Service (SaaS).

Nothmann was incorporated in London and we operate worldwide.

banderas_smallOur staff includes highly trained and skilled technology professionals from various industries, with a clear vision of innovation and customer service. Our management team has always included members of renowned companies or former executives with great vision of current global environment, with a vast knowledge in the areas they manage. Some operations are conducted in London Headquarters Office, but we also have development centers all around the world.

There are some elements that distinguish us from the competitors.

  • Transparency: We show the reality of the business, in a clear and simple way. We call things by their name and understand that the best way to offer the best, is through a transparent and straightforward communication.Team of business people
  • Simplicity: We don’t keep flying around, we move in a straight forward manner. Saving time to your company, and to us.
  • Efficiency: Applying strict procedures to allow zero-fail in our day-to-day business, we ensure reliable, cheap and fast solutions.
  • Permanent contact: with you. Our phone line and e-mail are placed at your request. No intermediaries, no delays. Just answers.